Award-winning communities.  
Unbeatable locations.  
Incredible prices.

Let us show you how to get into your stunning new residence in Mexico.

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Built for tomorrow.  Affordable today.

Whether you want to purchase a home for your relatives or for your eventual return, this is a unique opportunity to own a beautiful and modern residence in Mexico - in pesos, not dollars.


About the builder.

Derex Desarrollo Residencial has been a leading construction company for the better part of two decades. 

17,000 houses and 59,000 happy residents later, our commitment to quality and innovation has led to Harvard case studies, international awards and an unprecedented spotless record of customer satisfaction

That means you can rest easy, knowing that your most important purchase is safe in the hands of the most forward-thinking housing company in Mexico.


About the lender.

This one-of-a-kind offer is backed by BBVA Bancomer, one of the most trusted international financial institutions.  

Designed specifically for Mexican citizens living and/or working in the United States, this pioneering program yields a crucial advantage: the chance to earn in dollars and purchase in pesos.

With simple requisites and US-based processing, this is truly financing as it should be - speedy and headache-free.